How it all started

A lot of Ottawa’s youth don’t even consider Hockey as an option due to the great incurring costs which include ice time, equipment costs, and paying for coaches to name a few. The AHA was made possible through generous monetary and volunteer contributions. Most notably, ice time and free equipment were provided with the help of Steve Leon – District Business Manager at Merck Pharmaceuticals. As the program evolves, we aim to be a catalyst in driving more inclusion in the sport, with a focus on visible minorities.

Nicholas Ngwafusi – former Telus Cup Finalist

“It’s important to be around people that look like you during hockey”

Because there are not many racialized people playing hockey, as opposed to other sports like basketball, and soccer. This program aims to garner more interest in the community for parents to enroll their children, with a long-term goal of increasing diversity, and inclusion in the sport as a whole.

The Only Barriers Should Be Glass

Even though ice hockey is recognized as Canada’s national winter sport, many marginalized youths still face challenges when it comes to participating. Financial barriers and racial discrimination are a few reasons preventing some of our youth from playing the sport. That’s why the African Hockey Association is dedicated to providing a safe environment for kids in the Ottawa area to learn and participate in Canada’s national winter sport without fear of discrimination

Godlove Ngwafusi – general manager of the African Hockey Association

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