‘We can’t disappoint these kids’: African Hockey Association looks for support to keep the game going

The months-old league has proven so popular that it needs to attract additional funding to keep up with overwhelming demand from players and parents.

Emma Weller: African Hockey Association: Coach’s perspective 

Throughout my life, on and off the ice, I have been an advocate for equity and inclusion in sports and believe that no matter one’s gender, race, religion, or sexuality, they deserve equal opportunities to play the game. That being said, I am honoured and proud to now be the Head Coach of the African Hockey Association Program.

Hockey program has goal to combat racism in sport

A new program is making it easier for kids who normally wouldn’t get a chance to play hockey to lace up and hit the ice in a safe and welcoming environment.

Hockey events celebrate Black History Month 

This February, Black History Ottawa celebrated the Coloured Hockey League of the Maritimes (CHLM) through various events and engagements. From games with local community members to an official NHL game, the love of hockey brought community and legacy together